BBQ Starter Club
BBQ Starter Club
Kenyatta Robinson

Welcome to the BBQ Starter Club

Learn, share & celebrate your success stories on the grill. Try it free for 1 month. Cancel anytime.

About Me

I’m a self-taught BBQ enthusiast passionate about supporting the growing community of Backyard BBQers. My mission is to help you celebrate success on the BBQ grill and to help our BBQ community learn and improve from shared experiences.


Why You Should Join

- A private virtual forum dedicated entirely to BBQ (grills/smokers, accessories, recipes, hot topics, etc.)

- Members only live stream cooking sessions

- Videos and digital resources

- All VIP perks (as the community grows, so do your benefits)

Share What You Learn

With your support, the BBQ Starter Club will grow into a thriving community of BBQ enthusiasts passionate about making better BBQ and sharing great food with our friends and families. 

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